Vassar College

Move-In Day

Welcome Class of 2011!

It was a hot, muggy day, but that didn't slow the moving-in process.  Volunteer students dressed in pink and black tee shirts ("Got Help?" and "Heroes") were on hand to greet arrivals and to help lift the heavy stuff.  Here are some photos from Move-in Day:

Photos: Sam Rosen-Amy ’08

Here's a little about the Vassar Class of 2011

Numbering around 680 students, the class hails from 45 states and 33 foreign countries. Among them are 43 first-generation college students, 120 with perfect scores on one or more standardized tests, and 56 editors-in-chief of major high school publications.  They include 90 students who are bilingual or speak English as a second language, and the languages they speak (26 in all) range from Bengali to Telugu. Already quite accomplished, the class includes published authors and poets, professional dancers and actors, and Junior Olympians and black belts. Among their ranks are also the following:

Want to know more?  Check out the Class of 2011 (press release.)

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