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Placement into Calculus Courses

There are two advanced placement exams for calculus, called AB and BC. The following table summarizes the department’s recommendations for proper placement into introductory courses based on these exams and the student’s prior experience with calculus. Students with an unusual background or any other concerns should confer with the department.

Student’s experience Recommended calculus placement
4 or 5 on AP Calculus BC Math 220
3 on AP Calculus BC; 5 on AP Calculus AB Math 220 and/or 127
4 on AP Calculus AB Math 127
3 on AP Calculus AB Math 126/127
1 or 2 on AP Calculus BC or AB Math 121 or 126/127; confer
AP Calculus course, but no exam
Non-AP Calculus course
Possibly Math 220, most likely Math 127; confer
No Calculus experience  Math 121