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Human Resources

FAQs for the Telework Program and Accommodation Leave Requests

I can perform my role and responsibilities remotely, but do I have to?

It’s been suggested to telework, if possible. Please speak with your supervisor about your options.

How do I sign up for the temporary Telework Program?

  1. Visit to learn about the information and technology needed to create a successful remote environment.

  2. Discuss the teleworking option with your supervisor and, if approved, identify the digital tools you’ll need to telework.

  3. If your supervisor approves, they will email their approval to both and, along with any needs that have been identified

  4. While teleworking, you will receive your regular pay.

Note: Supervisors and employees are expected to coordinate their off-campus working days based on the unique activities of their unit. Supervisors retain discretion to specify the days on which employees are approved for telework; with appropriate notice, they may require that employees either report to campus intermittently, or otherwise conclude the teleworking arrangement. Supervisors may not give preferential Telework access to employees based on familial status or any of the criteria set forth in the Vassar College Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment.

How long may I telework for?

March 18 through April 10 (unless circumstances lead the College to extend it).

Where can I get information about teleworking?

I’m a supervisor. How can I best manage my team remotely?

To view the Best Practices for Managing Remote Workers, visit this document.

Do I need to provide an Accommodation Request for teleworking?

No. As long as you’re working (on or off-campus), you will receive your regular pay.

What is the COVID-19 Accommodation Leave Request policy?

Vassar’s leave policies are temporarily modified, from March 13, 2020 through May 31, 2020, to encourage employees to stay home when they are sick and to support employees who themselves or whose household members may be at higher risk of serious illness from COVID-19. Employees who are ineligible for the telework program may be excused from work for medical or personal reasons.

How long is the COVID-19 Accommodation Leave option available?

This modified leave option is available to employees through May 31, 2020,.

I need to be excused for 1 week or less, should I submit a COVID-19 Accommodation Request?

No. You would submit this time-off in Workday in accordance with your handbook or collective bargaining agreement. For this temporary circumstance, you’re able to use any accruals that you have available to you.

If the absence extends more than 1 week, then an Accommodation Request should be submitted to Human Resources.


How long may I be excused from work for the Childcare Accommodation?

The leave option is available through May 31, 2020 (unless circumstances lead the College to extend it) or until your school district or childcare provider is open, whichever comes first.

If I complete a Medical, Childcare, or Non-Medical Accommodation Request to be excused from work, how will I be paid?

Refer to the table below:

Employee Type

Medical Accommodation Request or Childcare Accommodation Request

Non-Medical Accommodation Request

Hourly-Paid, Benefit Eligible Employees

Your first week will be paid from your own accruals. Thereafter, you will receive 60% of wages from Vassar College. You may elect to supplement the difference (up to 40%) with your “sick bank” (CWA, Auxiliary, Non-union Staff) or your own accruals.

Your absence will be paid from your sick accruals; once your sick accruals are exhausted, you will either be unpaid or may elect to use personal or vacation accruals.

Administrators and Hourly-Paid Administrators

There will be no change in your pay.

Your first week will be paid from your personal/sick time; thereafter, you will be unpaid or may elect to use vacation accruals.

Non-Benefit Eligible Employees with Regular Work Schedules

Your first week will be paid from your own sick accruals (if you have any). Thereafter, you will receive 60% of wages from Vassar College.

Will I be disciplined for my Accommodation absence?

No, as long as a completed Accommodation Request Form is submitted to Human Resources.

Who should I contact regarding an Accommodation Leave Request?

Candice West in Human Resources at or (845) 437-5819.

Who should my Accommodation Request Form be sent to?

Candice West in Human Resources. The form can be mailed to Human Resources Box 718, emailed to, or faxed to (845) 437-7729.

What if I need a leave of absence unrelated to COVID-19?

Contact Candice West ( in Human Resources for information on any type of leave of absence (FMLA, Paid Family Leave, Short Term Disability, etc.)