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Majors Committee Members

Isabel Bielat

Isabel Bielat is a junior majoring in History and Global Nineteenth-Century Studies with a correlate in Hispanic Studies. Isabel is especially interested in 19th-century history and literature.

Isabel is from Connecticut and sings in Vassar College Women’s Chorus, Camerata, and Mahagonny Ensemble. This summer she researched the 18th-century periodical The Tatler as a Ford Scholar.

Livia Bartels

Livia Bartels is a junior from Palisades, NY. Livia is most interested in the history of art and warfare (social discourses on war).

On campus, Livia is involved in Challah for Hunger and Burlesque. This summer she worked as an intern for international modern artist Sean Scully and as a squire for Warhorse Productions at the Sterling Renaissance Faire.

Fun fact: Livia also likes doing puzzles in her spare time.

Olav Peterson Langeland

Olav Peterson/Langeland, is a sophomore who declared History spring of last year and has never looked back!

His favorite area of study is Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean, which is why he plans to double major in Medieval and Renaissance Studies (MRST).

In his free time, he loves to ride around on his longboard as if he actually knows what he is doing.

Ivanna Guerra

Ivanna Guerra is in the class of 2020. Ivanna grew up in a border town in Arizona called Douglas, but was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Ivanna also has a twin sister, though she doesn’t go to Vassar, she occasionally visits!

Ivanna has no particular area of history that interests her the most, she has taken as many classes as she could in the History Department. In her humble opinion, History is the best department on campus and she wanted to take advantage of that by learning a little bit of everything.

This past summer she was Professor Murdoch’s Ford Scholar. Ivanna worked on a project titled Defining Childhood, Defining Empire through the Nineteenth-Century Global Transmission of Smallpox Vaccination. It focused on vaccination in the British colonies, mainly in India, during nineteenth century.

Nicholas Barone

Nick Barone is a senior English and History major from northern New Jersey who specializes in Victorian history and literature.

Nick is currently serving as the academic intern for the English Department. Last summer, he worked as an editorial intern for Scholastic Book Clubs in New York City.

When not hanging out in Swift or Sanders Classroom, Nick likes to drink ginger ale, watch Frasier, and read some critical theory

Caroline Ingram

Caroline is a History major with a Hispanic Studies correlate, this is her second year on the History Majors' Committee.

After spending last spring studying in Madrid and interning at the National Museum of American History in DC this summer, she is excited to be back in Swift and working on her senior thesis.

While she has not specialized in any area of history up to this point (all of her classes have been too interesting to choose just one focus), her thesis research pertains to women in Basque Country in the early modern period.

Amy Miller

Amy is from Allentown, Pennsylvania and is a Junior History Major, with a correlate in Education. Amy declared last semester and is primarily interested in United States and Latin American histories. 

In particular, Amy is interested in the politics of power, representation, and memory as they pertain to both of these geographic areas.  Furthermore, she is concerned about how these politics help construct, pre-eminent historical narratives that silence marginalized voices and reinforce various systems of oppression. 

Outside of Swift, Amy serves as the House Student Advisor of Noyes, where she has lived for the past three years.

Emma Ratzman

Emma is a sophomore history major from Indianapolis, Indiana. Emma is interested in the intersection of gender, law, and power in early modern Europe. If she could have a conversation with any woman from history, it would be Elizabeth I.

In addition to her purely academic interests, Emma is a member of the Vassar Alliance of Women in Foreign Affairs and the Committee on Inclusion and Excellence.

In the rare moments when her nose isn’t buried in a book, she enjoys feminism, hot yoga, dancing, and crossword puzzles.

Marc Chien

Marc is a current third year student from Shanghai, China and is a history major who is interested primarily in Chinese and American history. Marc hopes to explore those areas for his thesis.

Over the summer, he visited his parents in Shanghai and attended a language program in Beijing. Marc is looking forward to working with both professors and the Committee over the coming weeks!

Kylan MacLeod

Kylan MacLeod is a senior and history major.

He is on the Vassar Democrats and Jewett House Team.

His favorite place on campus is the library!