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Areas of Interest

To view a list of courses in each area of interest, select from the following:

Gender, Race, Class, and Family

  1. Women, gender, sexuality
  2. Family, childhood, youth
  3. Class and Social Rank, oligarchies, social reform
  4. Race, Ethnicity, anti-semitism, race relations, genocide

Conflict, Resolution, Rights, and Revolution

  1. War, militarization, conflict and society
  2. Human Rights, Social Rights, citizenship
  3. Revolution, Rebellion, Resistance Movements

Power, Politics, Labor, and Capital

  1. Politics, Political Thought and Culture
  2. Foreign Relations, diplomacy
  3. Economic History, capitalist development, industrialization
  4. Slavery, Bonded Labor

Nation, Colony, Borderland, and Frontier

  1. Colonialism, imperialism, post-colonialism, frontiers and conquests
  2. Nation Building, Nationalism
  3. Migration, Immigration, Frontiers, Borderlands
  4. Cultural exchange

Ideas, Religion, Culture, and Education

  1. Technology, Medicine and Science
  2. Religion and Society
  3. Intellectual History, Ideas, Education history and Literature
  4. Cultural History

City, Region, Environment, and the Transnational

  1. Environmental History
  2. Urban History, cities
  3. Transnational History
  4. Transnational social movements

Memory, Survey, and Historical Method

  1. Historical Method, Memory and Public Memory
  2. Survey Course - No one or two dominant themes