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Elizabeth L Eisenstein '45

I have already talked on several occasions about the remarkable group of women scholars and teachers who guided our studies of history in the 1940s and who were conscious of continuing a tradition established by Lucy Maynard Salmon and carried on by Eloise Ellery and Louise Fargo Brown. Instead of repeating myself, I suggest that the interested reader download the two talks I gave at Vassar in 1993 and in 2001.  The first was at "The Uses of History" Conference, December 3, 1993 held in honor of Evalyn A. Clark. The second was at  Miss Clark's Memorial Service (October 1, 2001).

On both occasions, I pay tribute not only to Miss Clark but also to my other teachers: Violet Barbour, Mildred Campbell, and J.B.Ross. I take note of the distinguished publications each of these historians produced.  Here let me underline that although they took different approaches to their diverse special topics (which ranged from the economic history of 17th c. Amsterdam, the medieval murder of Charles the Bold, the "Yeoman" in Tudor Stuart England) they each conveyed the same concern about helping us master the necessary research skills and enabling us to listen, as best we could, for messages delivered by the "voices of the past."

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