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Anna Hemlow-Janis '54

Poughkeepsie is my hometown.  Vassar College has always been there but I never dreamed that one day I would attend and graduate from Vassar College!!!  I did not even believe I could go to any college as it was not in the means of my family.  I graduated High School in 1941 when WWII broke out and I immediately went to work.  Two years later, I joined the Navy as a WAVE not knowing that at the end of the war three years later, I would have an opportunity to complete my education.  What an opportunity for me since Vassar College was my hometown college.  I was able to be a town student and reached my goal and graduated in 1954.  I think I am the first VET to graduate from Vassar during its era of being a Women’s College.  There were others that attended but did not graduate.  There were also male Vets there who graduated but they received their degree from New York University.  My graduating Vassar College was a dream come true.  Its influence brought many outstanding experiences in my life.

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