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Students who take classes in our department enjoy opportunities to explore various methods and approaches to studying Greek and Roman antiquity. The department itself offers courses in Greek and Latin language and literature as well courses which don't require knowledge of Greek or Latin and examine a wide set of issues pertaining to the literature, history, archaeology and culture of ancient Greece and Rome. These courses often draw on an interdisciplinary perspective and/or on reception studies so as to position our students to understand the multiple meanings that classical antiquity has had throughout the ages.

  • Language courses focus on reading ancient works in their original Greek or Latin. A full sequence of both Greek and Latin from the beginning to the advanced level is available.
  • Other courses involve the study of ancient culture in English translation. For example, "From Homer to Omeros", "Greek Archaeology", and "Women in Antiquity" are accessible to all members of the Vassar community. Another ancient culture course is the Blegen Seminar, taught by a different visiting scholar each year. Recent Blegen courses have included, "Romans, Greeks, and Jews", "Food in the Ancient Mediterranean", and "Introduction to Indo-European linguistics"
  • Ancient History and Culture are also taught in translation. These courses may focus on Greek and Roman history, art, archaeology, or literature.

The department organizes its courses by subject area and level of difficulty. Not every course is offered every year, and the department often teaches special courses on a one-time-only basis.

Further information on the department's majors and correlate sequences is available in "For Students."