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Sarah R. Kozloff Professor of Film on the William R. Kenan, Jr. Chair

Sarah Kozloff has been at Vassar since 1988. She teaches genre (e.g., Musicals, War Films, Romantic Comedy); cultural studies courses (The McCarthy Era and Film); and seminars, such as, The Films of Alfred Hitchcock and American Women Directors. Her scholarship focuses on American cinema, particularly on issues related to speech, narrative, and ideology. She has been invited to present her work at major symposiums in Australia, Denmark, Montreal, and London, to contribute to textbooks and reference works, and to evaluate film programs at other colleges.

Starting in 2017, she will be teaching only one semester a year because she has begun a new life as the author of adult, epic fantasy novels. The Nine Realms: a Fantasy Quartet will be published by TOR Books in the fall of 2019.

Prior to her academic career, Ms. Kozloff worked freelance in film production in New York City, working on commercials, documentaries, educational films, low-budget features and “The American Short Story” series for PBS. She is married to a professional cinematographer.

  • BA, Dartmouth College; PhD, Stanford University
  • At Vassar since 1987


Research and Academic Interests

  • American Cinema

Departments and Programs


  • FILM 233. The McCarthy Era and Film

Selected Publications


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Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Kozloff