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Janet Sheung Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics

Janet Sheung received her BS in physics from California Institute of Technology, her MS and PhD in physics from the University of Illinois. An experimental biophysicist, she studies the physical processes of cellular regeneration and develops optical instruments which extends the limits of what humans can see. She teaches introductory physics, advanced physics laboratory, and an advanced topics course in biophysics.

  • BS, California Institute of Technology; MS, PhD, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • At Vassar since 2017


Research and Academic Interests

  • Biophysics
  • Optics
  • Physics Education

Departments and Programs


  • Physics 375 - Biophysics
  • Physics 202 - Introduction to Experimental Physics
  • Physics 203 - Experimental Physics II
  • Physics 114 - Fundamentals of Physics II
  • Physics 113 - Fundamentals of Physics I

Selected Publications

J. Sheung, J. Qian, M. Thomasset, J. Manton, S. Bean, P. Takacs, J. Dvorak, and L. Assoufid. (2017) “Metrology of Variable-Line-Spacing X-ray Gratings using the APS Long Trace Profiler.” "Metrology of variable-line-spacing x-ray gratings using the APS Long Trace Profiler", Proc. SPIE 10385, Advances in Metrology for X-Ray and EUV Optics VII, 1038508; doi: 10.1117/12.2279053.

Slabodnick, M., Prevo, B., Gross, P., Sheung, J., Marshall, W. (2013) “Visualizing Cytoplasmic Flow During Single-cell Wound Healing in Stentor coeruleus.” J. Vis. Exp. (82), e50848, doi: 10.3791/50848.

Wang, Y., Cai, E., Sheung, J., Lee, S. H., Teng, K. W., Selvin, P. R. (2014) “Fluorescence Imaging with One-nanometer Accuracy (FIONA).” J. Vis. Exp. (91), e51774, doi: 10.3791/51774.

Hoffman, M. T., Sheung, J., Selvin, P. R. (2011) “Fluorescence Imaging with One Nanometer Accuracy: In Vitro and In Vivo Studies of Molecular Motors.” In: Mashanov G., Batters C. (eds) Single Molecule Enzymology. Methods in Molecular Biology (Methods and Protocols), vol 778. Humana Press. doi: 10.1007/978-1-61779-261-8_4.


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  • PhD, Physics, University of Illinois, 2017
  • MS, Physics, University of Illinois, 2010
  • BS, Physics, California Institute of Technology, 2007

Teaching Interests

Janet Sheung teaches the first two semesters of introductory physics, Physics 113 and 114, advanced physics laboratory, Physics 202/203, and will teach an advanced topics course in biophysics starting Spring 2019, Physics 375. She is committed to introducing cutting-edge experimental techniques into the undergraduate curriculum by custom building research equipment at reduced costs.

Research Interests

Janet is an experimental biophysicist with broad research interests, and have co-authored articles in astrophysics, engineering, as well as single-molecule and cellular biophysics. She and her students are currently investigating the physical processes involved in regeneration of the unicellular protist, Stentor Coeruleus, and will continue this work at the Marine Biological Laboratory during the summer. She is also working with one student in a collaborative project with Argonne National Laboratory, to develop diffraction grating metrology capability on the Long Trace Profiler.