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Haoming Liu Professor of Chinese and Japanese

Haoming Liu received his PhD in comparative literature at Yale. His research ranges from Chinese literature—both ancient and modern—to Western poetry including R.M. Rilke, Friedrich Hölderlin, Ezra Pound and Horace. His publications include books on Rilke’s Duineser Elegien, Hölderlin’s poetry after 1800 and Horace’s Odes (forthcoming) as well as articles on Fei Ming, Zhou Zuoren, Du Fu and Pound. He teaches a variety of courses on modern and classical Chinese language, modern Chinese literature and comparative literature and literary theories.

  • BA, Peking University; MA, Indiana University; PhD, Yale University
  • At Vassar since 2003


Research and Academic Interests

  • Modern Chinese Literature
  • Ancient Chinese Literature
  • Modern Chinese Poetry
  • Western Poetry
  • Literary Theory
  • Translation Theory

Departments and Programs


  • ASIA/CHIN 214. The Tumultuous Century: Twentieth Century Chinese Literature
  • ASIA/CHIN 370. Early Chinese Literature: Spring and Autumn: Tradition According To Zuo and the Book of Odes
  • CHIN 105. Elementary Chinese

Selected Publications


Books I and II of Horace's Odes, a Chinese translation from Latin with commentaries. Peking University Press. Forthcoming.

Lierke Duyinuo aige shuping《里爾克<杜伊諾哀歌>述評》(Rilkes Duineser Elegien: Text, Übersetzung, Erläuterungen, Kritik).  Shanghai: Wenyi. 2017. 300 pages.

Heerdelin houqishigeji 《荷爾德林後期詩歌集》(Gedichte und Fragmente aus der späten Schöpfungszeit Hölderlins (1800 – 1807 / Poems and Fragments of Hölderlin in His Late Period (between 1800 and 1807). Shanghai: The East China Normal University Press, 2013. 295 pages.

Xiao pipingji 《小批評集》Critica minora. Nanjing: Nanjing University Press, 2011. 297 pages. Collection of essays on literature, culture and film.

Heerdelin houqi shigeWenben juan 《荷爾德林後期詩歌·文本卷》,(Die späte Dichtung Hölderlins (aus den Jahren 1800 – 1807. Texte) / Hölderlin’s late Poetry (between 1800 and 1807. Texts). Hermes: Classici et Commentarii. Ed. Dr. Liu Xiaofeng. A bilingual edition with the German original texts and Chinese translations. Shanghai: The East China Normal University Press, 2009. 616 pages.

Heerdelin houqi shige: Pingzhu juan 《荷爾德林後期詩歌·評注卷》,(Die späte Dichtung Hölderlins: Studien und Erläuterung. / Hölderlin’s Poetry of the late period: Studies and Annotations). 2 vols. Hermes: Classici et Commentarii. Ed. Dr. Liu Xiaofeng. Shanghai: The East China Normal University Press, 2009. An in-depth study and annotations of the German poet’s late poetical works. 1014 pages.

Duyinuo aige 《杜伊諾哀歌》(Duineser Elegien / Duino Elegies). Shenyang, Liaoning: Liaoning jiaoyu (Liaoning Education Press), 2005. A bilingual critical edition with the original texts and a Chinese translation of the poetical masterpiece. The critical apparatus includes translations of several essays and letters by Rainer Maria Rilke, an original introduction, annotations, notes, and two original critical essays.  244 pages.

The Taiwan edition of the above book was published later in the same year by Shangwu yinshuguan 商務印書馆 in Taipei, the oldest modern publishing house first established in Shanghai in the 19th century and still one of the most prestigious publishers in Taiwan.

Co-translated. Gede’er, Aishe’er, Bahe, Jiyibi zhi dacheng 《哥德爾,埃舍爾,巴赫:集異璧之大成》.  Beijing: Shangwu yinshuguan, 1996. Gödel, Escher Bach, an Eternal Braid, by Douglas Hofstadter. NY: Vintage Books, 1980. Winner of 1979 Pulitzer Prize for non-fiction.

Academic Journal articles

“Penglai, Cinnabar and the Great Roc: the Presence of Daoism in Du Fu’s Poetry,” a study of Daoist imagination in Du Fu’s (712-770 c.e.) poetry. Theoretical Studies in Literature and Art 文藝理論研究 2013. 5: 64-86.

“Touming de fanyi” 透明的翻譯 (“The Transparent Translation: Issues in the Chinese Translation of Western Poetry”) Tongjidaxue xuebao 同濟大學學報 (Journal of Tongji University) 23. 3 (May, 2012): 8-20.

Pharmaka and Volgar’ Eloquio: Speech and Ideogrammic Writing in Ezra Pound’s Canto XCVIII.” Asia Major 3d. series 22. 2 (2009): 179-214.

“From Little Savages to hen kai pan, Zhou Zuoren’s (1885-1968) Romanticist Impulses Around 1920.” Asia Major 3d. series 15. 1(2002): 109-60. The actual acceptance and publication dates were 2004 and 2005, respectively, thanks to an interruption  of the journal in previous years. Authoritative Chinese translation, Xinshi yanjiu 《新詩評論》(New Poetry Review) No. 7 (January, 2008): 91-124.

“Fei Ming’s Poetics of Representation: Dream, Fantasy, Illusion, and Ālayavijñāna.” Modern Chinese Literature and Culture 13. 2 (2001, fall): 30-71. Authoritative Chinese translation, Xinshi yanjiu 《新詩評論》(New Poetry Review) No. 2 (October, 2005): 67-118.

Subtilitas Applicandi as Self-Knowledge: a Critique of the Concept of Application in Hans-Georg Gadamer’s Truth and Method.” The Journal of Speculative Philosophy10.2(1996): 128-47.


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Photo: Karl Rabe / Vassar College
Photo: Karl Rabe / Vassar College