Victorian Studies Program

Professor and Chair of English
BA, MA, PhD, Columbia University

British Literature
Literary Decadence
Interdisciplinary Studies
Literature and Medicine
Literature and Psychology
Media Studies
Literacy and print culture in Britain 1780–1914
Museum Design

Professor and Chair of French and Francophone Studies and Director of Victorian Studies on the John Guy Vassar Chair
BA, University of Virginia; MA, MPhil, PhD, Columbia University
Professor of English
BA, Yale University; MA, University of Melbourne; MA, MPhil, PhD, Yale University
Professor of Art
BA, New College of Florida; MA, Williams College; PhD, University of Delaware
Professor of History
BA, Vassar College; MA, PhD, Indiana University-Bloomington

Modern British and Imperial History
History of Childhood
Women and Gender
Urban History
History of Emotions
History of Medicine

Professor of English on the Mary Augusta Scott Chair and Director of Victorian Studies
BA, MA, PhD, University of Pennsylvania