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Barry Lam Associate Professor and Chair of Philosophy

Barry Lam received his BA in Philosophy and English at the University of California, Irvine (2001), and his PhD in Philosophy at Princeton University (January 2007). He produces a story-driven podcast about philosophy called Hi-Phi Nation.

  • BA, University of California, Irvine; MA, PhD, Princeton University
  • At Vassar since 2006


Research and Academic Interests

  • Philosophy and Cognitive Science

Departments and Programs


  • PHIL 105. Philosophical Questions

In the Media


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Photo: Melissa Surprise Photography

I went to UC Irvine as an undergraduate, and received my PhD in Philosophy at Princeton University. I did my early career research in epistemology and in the philosophy of language. In recent years, I have become attracted to philosophy that is connected to moral, political, or public policy issues. In addition to publishing in peer-reviewed journals directed toward other academics, I aim to disseminate my thinking about these issues in narrative audio form for a wider audience. I executive produce and host Hi-Phi Nation, a show about philosophy that turns stories into ideas. I have also started work in philanthropy as Associate Director of the Marc Sanders Foundation.