To celebrate the Chapel’s one hundredth birthday, Vassar community members gathered to reflect on its place in the college’s history and what it will be in the future. The Barefoot Monkeys began the event by leading a processions from Sunset Lake to the Chapel, complete with drummers and stilt-walkers. The Red Hawk Dance Troupe, a Native American group from NYC, performed inside the chapel, regaling the audience with dances and stories, and celebrating the way the Chapel has grown and changed throughout its years. Using puppets, performers also showed how the Chapel went from a place of religion and spirituality to a more secular auditorium. Several members of the college were then invited to speak, including President Fran Fergusson and Director of Religious and Spiritual Life Sam Speers. President Fergusson ended her speech with a call to the community “to wonder, to believe, to imagine boldly” what the Chapel could continue to be in its next 100 years.