Students gathered outside of the Residential Life and Dean of Students offices in Main to protest a College Regulations panel ruling. The panel found a student responsible for “harassment and violation of College order,” sanctioning her to a two-semester suspension and requiring her to leave campus in 18 hours. Following the initial protest, the Black Students Union held a meeting at the ALANA center to create an action plan and written statement.

The next morning, around 60 students silently stood in the College Center, with signs reading “Silence will be heard,” and “Let’s talk about the process.” Protestors spoke to Dean of Studies D.B. Brown and circulated their statement to the student body. The statement argued that the regulations process was “arbitrary, subjective, and inefficient” and was also unnecessarily shrouded in secrecy. Protestors feared that without specific parameters connecting charges to sanctions, decisions could be unfair or inappropriate. The statement also admonished the college for providing no warning of a possible suspension to the student from the recent decision and for giving her such little time to leave campus. The students ultimately created the Equality for All task force, which would work to convince administrators of the need for change on Vassar’s regulations panels.