Sponsored by the Feminist Alliance and the Women’s Center, veteran pro-choice activist Bill Baird urged students to consider the likely consequences of a victory by former Texas Governor George W. Bush in the upcoming presidential election.  A pioneer, in 1964, of the pro-choice movement and often called its “father,” Baird, a key participant in the 1973 landmark Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, called the election, “possibly the most important you will face in the next decades.”  “Common sense has to tell you,” he added, “if Bush gets in, he will end the concept of freedom as we know it today.  What he is doing now is, I think, unconscionable.”

Baird warned against the danger that consumer advocate Ralph Nader, also on the presidential ballot, might deprive Democratic candidate Vice President Al Gore of victory.  “If this vote gets as close as it’s expected to,” he said, “and Nader gets 5 percent of the vote, it could very well sweep the vote to Bush.”   "What [Baird] says is really powerful and affects everybody—young, old male, female," said Lindsay Andrews '04.    The Miscellany News

In spite of a death threat and met by local protestors, Baird spoke at Vassar in February 1998.