The theme of the second Vassar College Asian American Conference (VAACON), sponsored by the Asian Students Alliance (ASA) was “Movement Without Direction: The Refocusing of the Asian American Vision.”  The conference speakers included Gary Okihiro, director of the Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race at Columbia University; Shirley Hune, associate dean and professor of urban planning at the School of Public Policy and Social Research at the University of California at Los Angeles and urban sociologist Karin Aguilar San Juan, editor of the anthology The State of Asian America; Activism and Resistance in the 1990s (1994). Workshops were led by New York City civil rights activist  Rocky Chin; Elena Tajima Creef, professor of women’s studies at Wellesley College and Joy Lei, minority scholar in residence at Vassar.  The group of Asian American turntablists who performed at the first VAACON in April 1998, 5th Platoon, entertained at a party to conclude the conference.

“The conference took an in depth look at where Asian America has been, as well as where it is going,” said Delia Chung Hom ’00, who co-chaired the conference with Ken Wong ’00.     Vassar: The Alumnae/i Quarterly