Author Thomas Beller ’87 reflected in an essay in The New York Times on the approach of his 10th reunion and on the “ridiculous ‘R’ sentence” in the invitation: “I know you ‘R’ looking forward to this…opportunity to Recapture memories, Renew friendships, Reacquaint yourself with Vassar, Rekindle school pride and Re-establish ties.”  About the sentence, Beller rationalized, “I’m sure my alma mater is not alone in this sort of thing; there is something about alumni correspondence that inspires this sort of inanity.”

About returning, he wrote, “these emotions are draining, and inevitably allow the persistent tug of nostalgia and curiosity to work its special magic.  Like tax payments, I bet most of the checks for reunion weekend arrive on the last possible day.”  Admitting the fear that, despite the years and accomplishments, “one will instantly revert to one’s freshman year condition when put back in the same surroundings,” Beller added, “there is something annoying in the sheer statistical adamance of the number 10.  I have no trouble getting older, I just want to take my time about it.”

“Of course,” Beller concluded, “almost everyone I know is capitulating.  The essential logic seems to be: I don’t want to go (or admit to wanting to go), but I don’t want to miss it.  Curiosity and nostalgia seize the day….  The checks ‘R’ in the mail.  Mine is among them.”     The New York Times