The annual Martin H. Crego lecture was given by Jonathan Gruber, Castle Krob Associate Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on "Health Care for the Poor in the US: The Story of Medicaid in the Last Fifteen Years."  A Faculty Research Fellow with the National Bureau of Economic Research since 1992, Gruber assumed directorship of the bureau’s Program on Children in 1996. His lecture discussed the successes and shortcomings of the Medicaid program from an economic perspective. Jennifer D’Angelo ’99 reflected afterwards that “the economically efficient program for low-income health care in the U.S has been under harsh scrutiny and the research and findings of Gruber are very important for future decision making and in the improvement of the health of Americans.”     The Miscellany News

The Crego lecture, part of the Crego Endowment established in 1956 by Jean Crego ’32 in honor of her father, was an annual lecture in the general field of economics under the auspices of the economics department.