Gender sociologist Dr. Michael Kimmel '72, professor of sociology at The State University of New York at Stony Brook, lectured on "Clarence, William, Iron Mike, and Us: Issues for Women and Men in the 90s" in the Villard Room.  Kimmel’s work focused on concepts of maleness and the meaning of manliness.   He edited The Politics of Manhood: Profeminist Men Respond to the Mythopoetic Men’s Movement (and Mythopoetic Leaders Answer) (1995), and his Manhood in America: A Cultural History appeared in 1996.

One of the first men to graduate from Vassar, Kimmel noted in a later memoir, “I hold the distinction of having been the first man to ride the bus from Vassar to Yale University for the weekend, a high school friend being in their first coed class.”     The Miscellany News