Journalist, author and political satirist P.J. O’Rourke gave “An evening with P.J. O’Rourke” as the 1995 Alex Kreiger Memorial Lecture in the Chapel. “Many activists and conservatives alike felt vindicated by O’Rourke’s speech" wrote Margo Hasselman '98, "his humor, contradictory though it was, brought out the flaws in both outlooks on politics.” A self-described libertarian, O’Rourke published Give War a Chance in 1992 and All the Trouble in the World in 1994.  His Age and Guile Beat Youth, Innocence and a Bad Haircut appeared in 1995.     The Miscellany News

The Alex Krieger Memorial Fund was started by his parents in memory of Alex Krieger ’95 who died in his freshman year in an automobile accident while driving to Pennsylvania.  The annual lectures brought eminent American humorists and cultural critics to Vassar in recognition of Krieger’s keen appreciation of the genres.