Author Tom Wolfe, a key figure in the “new journalism” of the mid-1960s, gave the first Alex Krieger Memorial Lecture, “End of the Century and Spirit of the Age.” Wolfe punctuated his discussion of recent changes in American culture with personal anecdotes and quotations from psychologists. “This is an extraordinary time,” he said. “Suddenly we have the feeling we are immune to ordinary dangers and we get the hubris to sweep away moral codes that have been in place for years.”      The Poughkeepsie Journal   

The Alex Krieger Memorial Fund was started by his parents in memory of Alex Krieger ’95 who died in his freshman year in an automobile accident while driving to Pennsylvania for an ultimate Frisbee match.  The annual lectures brought eminent American humorists and cultural critics to Vassar in recognition of Krieger’s keen appreciation of the genres.