The Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Alliance (BiGALA) celebrated Pride Week with a series of lectures, discussions, and social events. In “Reclaiming the Closet,” the kickoff event, the group redecorated their newly acquired space in the Lathrop Basement; they also hosted speaker John Corvino , a graduate student in philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin, who delivered a lecture called “What’s Morally Wrong With Homosexuality?” that examined some of the basic arguments against homosexuality.  Former television journalist and producer, AIDS activist and member of the Lesbian Avengers Ann Northrop ’70, who spoke on “The Politics of AIDS.”

Other events included an open mic night in the café, a Bisexual Information Discussion and a Family Dinner and Tea for Relatives of Gays, Lesbians, and Bisexuals. The week culminated with the annual Homo-Hop in the Villard Room. Said Andrea Roberts ’95, “We want [students] to realize most importantly that queer students on campus are reclaiming it as their own. We want it to be educational and at the same time very fun. Harassment will not be tolerated in any form by anyone.”     Miscellany News