An obscene caller began harassing female students, including student fellows and at least one CARES counselor. Sometimes he would identify himself as a doctor at the Poughkeepsie Mental Health Clinic or as a Town of Poughkeepsie police officer, telling the victim that he was with a friend of hers who had been sexually assaulted, and then luring her into “discussing her personal sex life in graphic detail.”

On other occasions, he disguised his voice to sound like a woman and claimed that he was raped, then described the assault in graphic detail. Pam Neimeth, director of the Resource and Education for Rape, Assault and Harrassment (REACH) office, noted that the calls were particularly troublesome because a student counselor “would feasibly get a call of this nature,” making it difficult to detect the deception.

In May, Town Police, with assistance from Vassar Security and the REACH office, arrested the caller, whom they identified as a local man arrested for similar acts in 1985.     The Miscellany News