Step Beyond ‘91, a week dedicated to encouraging awareness and engagement with social issues and the Poughkeepsie community, focused on domestic violence.  Step Beyond sponsored a gallery exhibit, residence hall auctions, Volunteer Day in Poughkeepsie, an all-campus party and an Ultimate Frisbee marathon on Noyes Circle with food and live music. The money raised was donated to Grace Smith House, a Poughkeepsie haven for victims of domestic violence, and the Dutchess County YMCA’s battered  women’s services. 

Gwen Wright, executive director of the New York Coalition Against Domestic Violence, gave the week’s keynote address, “Issues Concerning Domestic Violence.”  “The problems of domestic violence are a microcosm of violence in society at large,” Wright said. She urged students to fight domestic violence through educating youth.      The Miscellany News

African-American poet and musician Gil Scott-Heron performed as part of Step Beyond week.