A statement signed by 26 black members of the senior class denounced the student commencement committee’s “constant neglect” of black concerns and announced their intent to form a separate black commencement committee to “ensure that our needs are met.”  Presented to the senior class officers, the statement said the official committee had ignored the views of the 21-member committee’s three black members and that putting decisions to a vote automatically put the black voice in the minority.  “Understand that our graduation means at least as much, if not more than it does to you,” the statement declared.  “We should not have to ask that the Class of 1991 include us in its plans for Commencement.  It is our right, earned in three hard, alienating years.  Given no other choice, we have initiated our own agenda.”  All three black commencement committee members resigned.     The Miscellany News

 A Black Commencement Committee formed from the Class of 1991 revived the long abandoned Baccalaureate ceremony at Commencement.  The Rev. Jesse Jackson spoke at the ceremony in May.