The fourth annual Step Beyond fall festival focused on raising both money and consciousness about school children in Poughkeepsie with the theme “Issues Facing Children in Our Community.”  The festival included a Volunteer Day, a 24-hour ultimate frisbee marathon, dorm auctions whose proceeds went to the Step Beyond Children’s Fund, a candle lighting service and an outdoor screening of the Walt Disney film Lady and the Tramp (1950) and a performance by English singer and songwriter Billy Bragg at the Outdoor Theater. "The concert," wrote Brett Cohen '93 in The Miscellany News, "showed Bragg to be a performer with compassion and wit.  Hit wide palette allowedhim to paint pictures with rebellious, almost violent vigor and to portray the subtle intricacies and sadnesses of a sensitive boy."

Folami Gray, executive director of the Dutchess County Youth Bureau, gave the keynote address, and Step Beyond’s head coordinator Lisa Collins ’91 hoped that one day Step Beyond would be a “fall festival as big as Founder’s Day.”      The Miscellany News