President Fergusson conferred the bachelor’s degree on 584 members of the Class of 1989, and the co-host of ABC television’s Good Morning America, Charles Gibson, delivered the address at Vassar’s 123th Commencement.  Gibson praised the liberal arts curriculum, saying, “I can teach a smart Vassar graduate all he or she needs to know about slant track tapes…voice overs…standups…and split track audio…in a matter of months. I can gradually teach you how to cover a story and construct it for the television medium. But can I teach you how to think? Or write? Can I give you a sense of fairness in looking at all sides of a story? Can I show you patterns of logic? No. You’ve either got those things now…or you don’t.”

Gibson said he hoped that the graduates had developed “critical, analytical” minds, able to recognize and resolve the racial tensions in current society.  “If students don’t recognize the repugnance of such acts,” he said, “what will they do later in life, when the issues get tougher and the pressures greater?”  Gibson encouraged the new graduates to “stand for something.”     Press & Information Office, News, The New York Times