Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science John Wallach screened the nine-and-half-hour Holocaust documentary Shoah (1985), directed by Claude Lanzmann.  Shoahincluded interviews with concentration camp survivors, S.S. officers, civilians who lived near the camps and high-ranking Nazis and focused on the idea of “historical memory,” in which people may modify or delete memories they do not wish to remember. The length of the film made attending  “a long time to be sitting in Blodgett, but the discomfort is overshadowed by your interactions with the screen… It is an experience you will never forget,” wrote Michael St. Cyr ’90 for The Miscellany News

On April 30, a forum on Shoah and anti-semitism was held.  Moderated by Associate Professor of Religion Deborah Dash Moore the discussion included Village Voice movie critic Jim Hoberman and New Yorker writer Lawrence Weschler, author of Solidarity: Poland in the Season of Its Passion (1982).