Male Josselyn residents reserved the television room, posted a sign saying “No broads allowed” and watched pornography; the movie and the sign prompted Maryann Dickar ’88 to organize a discussion on the matter.

Dickar’s meeting was attended by a number of Josselyn residents and by Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science Iva E. Deutchman, Associate Professor of Political Science Mary L. Shanley and Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies Karen Stolley.

Maryann Dickar said at the end of the meeting, “The discussion made the people who did it realize that they hurt people. The realized that maybe porn doesn’t belong in the TV room.” However, one of the males who had watched the pornography maintained that “The discussion didn’t clear anything up…People came with attitudes. The people who set it up came in with their attitude. The topic kept getting changed. It all came down to wanting to take someone’s rights way. Naturally some will say ‘We’ll watch whatever we want,’ and others will say ‘Well, we’re not going to stand for it.’”     The Miscellany News