German-American art historian Professor Ernst Kitzinger, Arthur Kingsley Porter University Professor Emeritus at Harvard University, gave a slideshow lecture on "The Mosaics of Capella Palatina in Palermo" in Taylor Auditorium. A scholar of early-medieval and Byzantine art, Kitzinger argued, in such works as Byzantine Art in the Making:Main Lines of Stylistic Development in Mediterranean Art, 3rd-7th Centuries (1977) and The Art of Byzantium and the Medieval West: Selected Studies (1976) for the importance of stylistic analysis and stylistic mutation as tools in the historical interpretation of art.

Kitzinger had become interested in Sicilian mosaics in the 1950s, publishing Mosaics of Monreale in 1960.  His six-volume I mosaici del periodo normanno in Sicilia appeared in 1992.

Ernst Kitzinger was the father of Vassar classicist Rachel Kitzinger.