An installation of feminist and public artist Peggy Diggs’s work, “FORCES,” opened in the Taylor Hall sculpture gallery. Diggs painted the walls black—"This space was stark with an institutional air to it," she told Kerstin Warner '86, "Black creates a more informal, more intimate climate—and led her viewers by walkways of words throughout the gallery. "To experience this exhibit," wrote Warner, in The Miscellany News, "Diggs channels the viewers through five alleyways, running the length of the gallery each with a separate two-word phrase repeated several times along their sides. The red FORCES letters hang down only inches about the viewer's head, while his path is controlled by the pathways constructed of words. In the background, the walls are black with colorful 'swirling, dotlike forms,' Diggs describes."

The artist, a member of the faculty at Williams College, said, “I’m interested in dealing with an entire architectural space rather than just setting objects inside of it. I enjoy playing with ‘walkwayness.’”     The Miscellany News