Discussing fraud and fabrication of scientific scholarship, Professor Harriet Zuckerman ’58 from Columbia University, a scholar of the social aspects of scientific research, lectured on “Deviant Behavior in Science.” "Time and effort is wasted," she said, "but there's not much damage done to science...it's trivial as compared to the damage done to the public opinion."  For Zuckerman, reported Beth Gabler '84 in The Miscellany News, "deviant behavior" was "any behavior that goes against the norms of science:cognitive norms as well as moral and social norms which entail intentional sloppiness and self-deception."

Asking "what kind of control can be used to prevent these fraudulent acts...Zuckerman noted that there is nothing similar to the Bar Assocation for scientists that would disbar a scientist for disreputable acts. She maintained that the only type of control is the test of reproducibility." Finally, Zuckerman "examined what the consequences are of these acts. Zuckerman believes that public opinion is being damaged, as more Americans are becoming attracted to the various types of research currently being conducted."