An individual, calling himself “Timon of Athens,” broke into the library reserve room and removed nearly all of the books—some 6,000 volumes—to protest the administration’s neglect of the Shakespeare Garden. A note was posted on the door to the reserve room—“If you ever want to see these reserve books again, you will begin planning the complete restoration of the Shakespeare Garden immediately.” The note went on to request, “Please make sure there are plenty of pansies for Lisa” and that a copy of the note be given to “SKS.”     The Miscellany News

The missing books were discovered in the Library, and a student admitted to the prank before the Academic Panel, paid a fine and posted a public apology.  The garden had not been maintained because it was thought it would have to be moved to the Blodgett lawn to make way for the new chemistry building.  When an alternate site was chosen, the garden was restored.