The Quiet Riot, mimes Bill Mettler and Kevin O’Conner and lighting/sound designer David Mettler, performed their improvisatioinal show, Out of Control, at Vassar. The troupe, founded in 1979, specialized in involving the audience in their mimicry, and they "broke away from many of the conventional ideas of mime," wrote Lori Mason '85 in The Miscellany News, "with new forms involving music, improvisation, lighting and story-telling.... In the middle of the show, Mettler and O'Connor asked the audience for story ideas... When someone from the audience suggested 'moose mating,' and The Quiet Riot performed the request, it was evident that the team is extremely creative and works well together."  In another piece, called "The Wedding," originally from a show done on the stairs of the Philadelphia Art Museum, the two mimes were joined by six members of the audience.