"College students," wrote Lydia Belateche '84 in an article, "Sex,Leather and Feather," in The Miscellany News, "are not often given the opportunity to explore their own sexual drives by means of a campus-sponsored lecture, especially one dealing with as stimulating a topic as 'sexual fantasies.'" This was precisely what psychologist Jane Dorlester offered students in a discussion sponsored by CHOICE (Campus Health Organization for Information, Contraception and Education).  Dorlester's "casual introduction and straightforwardness made the audience feel relaxed and open for discussion," the reporter noted, but for some the candor raised problems.  "Dorlester announced," the reporter said, "that she would try to get each member of her audience to actually experience a sexual fantasy, so that everyone could detect whether or not he or she had a healthy sexual state.  At this point, Dorlester lost half of her audience."  But, she concluded, "for those Vassar students present that evening, the encounter proved to be both enjoyable and enlightening."     The Miscellany News