Vassar students presented the exhibition “Vassar at War” in the College Center Art Gallery.  Campus maps showing sites of skirmishes and conquests were displayed along with military paraphernalia and a diorama representing a field headquarters showing officers conferring and one of the wounded. Op-ed writer Vaun S. Raymond ’80 commented, “President Carter's recently announced desire to reinstate draft registration...caught many of our generation off guard.... The reality of war—which has never ceased to be—has been very distant for most of us, until this February, when it took an alarmning little jump toward our comforatable home. What would it be like for us in the twilight of the 1960s, coming from the discos, the supermarkets and the Brady Bunch world, to be put behind machine guns and radar screens.... One object of the instigators of ‘Vassar at War’ was clearly to explore what the reality of war would be to people of this time and generation.”     The Miscellany News