In observance of of National Black History Month, the Dinizulu Dance Company presented a program of traditional African dances. "The lights dimmed and the drumming started," wrote Carly Kline '81 and Nikoi Kote-Nikoi '82.  "The dancers filed into the Green and Grey Room dancing, all color and exuberance. The dances, done by men and women both, depicted battle victories, celebrated a harvest or pressed the invincible nature of the South African miners.... The show rose in intensity as it progressed and the audience wanted to participate.... By the end of the show the audience was on its feet, clapping the rhythm as the dancers danced their farewell and raised three fingers about their heads in a gesture of peace."

The company, founded by American Nana Yao Opore Dinizulu and his wife Alice in 1953, replicated the dancing, singing and drumming traditions of the Ashanti people of Ghana.     The Miscellany News