Two hundred students rallied outside the Admissions office protesting the admissions brochure called “Vassar for men?” The protest was followed by a town hall meeting on September 19th, attended by 600 students. Admissions director Richard Moll described the pamphlet as “an attempt to reassure counselors and parents as well as college candidates.” It endeavored to demonstrate that men were present at Vassar and performing at levels commensurate with their female classmates—at times even above them. The pamphlet noted that “Vassar’s graduating class of 1976 included 31% men. But 47% named to Phi Beta Kappa were men.”

Protestors claimed that the leaflet was “sexist,” claiming it “portrays an inaccurate picture of the male students presently at Vassar and discriminates against the female students presently at Vassar.”       The Miscellany News