Humorist and Washington Post columnist Art Buchwald offered advice and encouragement to the graduates at the 116th commencement.   “You are the generation,” he said, “of Watergate and Kahoutek.  You were raised on Bonanza  and Kojak.  Walter Cronkite is your godfather, and Nixon was your president.  You flopped at streaking, and you blew Earth Day, and you’ve seen war live and in color on television and your previous president said he was not a crook.”

Reflecting on the day Richard Nixon resigned the presidency, Buchwald said, "We’re all going to make it. For 200 years we’ve muddled along.  It’s less than a year since a President of the United States was forced to resign...because he lied to the American public.  But what is more important was that as it happened, we did not see one tank or helmeted officer in the street.  A country of over 200 million people was able to change Presidents overnight, without one bayonet being unsheathed.  I believe any country that can still do that can’t be all bad.”     Vassar News Office