J. K. Banerji, correspondent for the Hindusthan Standard, India; Gitta Bauer, journalist for the West German Springer Foreign News Service; Jurij Gustincic, U.S. correspondent for Politika, the Serbian newspaper in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, and Frederik Roos, from Sydsvenska Dagbladet and Götebergs-Tidningen in Sweden, spoke on a Poynter program panel on "Foreign Journalists' View of the American Press."  The panel, on March 5, was moderated by Professor of Political Science Glen Johnson, and the journalists held open sessions with students and faculty on March 6.

The gift of Nelson and Marion Knauss Poynter ‘46, publishers of The St. Petersburg Times, the Poynter program—intended to inform students about the media—was administered by the Poynter Committee of the multidisicplinary Changing American Culture program.