The faculty approved the creation of a Student Advisory Committee (SAC) to aid in the evaluation of faculty members.  The committee was to be composed of four elected juniors and seniors—representing the social sciences, the natural sciences, the arts and languages and the independent and multidisciplinary programs—and one student elected at large.  SAC was to compile and submit to the dean of the faculty a confidential report on all faculty members being evaluated for promotion, reappointment or tenure.  The reports were to be considered by the dean and the newly-created Faculty Appointment and Salary Committee (FASC) in their recommendations to the president in such cases.

The SAC concept originated, as did the formation of FASC, with the report of the Committee of Seven authorized by the faculty,during a 14-day student protest in the dean of faculty's office in May 1971, to "make recommendations...concerning changes in the process by which faculty are evaluated."  The chair of the Committee of Seven was Professor of Psychology Henrietta Smith.     The Miscellany News