Frank Kehl, a graduate student in urban anthropology from Columbia University, lectured in Blodgett Auditorium on "A Recent Trip Through Mainland China." Graduating from Dartmouth in 1962, Kehl spent two years, 1962-64, in the Dartmouth Project Asia Program teaching at Chung Chi College, Chinese University of Hong Kong.  More recently, Kehl visited mainland China in 1971 as part of the first delegation sent by the pro-Chinese Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars.  In his talk, picketed by protestors denouncing the continued detention of Americans in China and the rumored deaths of Chinese activists under the Communist régime, Kehl attempted to answer some of the charges, claiming that his visit was undertaken in the belief that cold war politics had prevented scholars from viewing China objectively.

In a question and anwer session, Mr. Kehl's wife Dorothy, a native of Hong Kong, asserted that "women are liberated and work side by side with the men" and that even women's garb in the People's Republic reflected this in their simple gray or black dresses and their use of little or no make-up or jewelry.  About the detention in China of Americans, "Mr. Kehl asked the audience to consider what those men had done to become prisoners of the Chinese."     The Miscellany News