Students and faculty members joined forces in a reading of Father Daniel Berrigan's free verse play The Trial of the Catonsville Nine (1971). The play, which ran on Broadway for 29 performances in 1971 and was made into a film produced by actor Gregory Peck in 1972, was Berrigan's account of his trial, along with his brother Philip and seven others, for the 1968 confiscation and burning with homemade napalm of draft records belonging to the draft board of Catonsville, MD. Convicted in federal court, Father Berrigan went underground and was captured in August, 1970. He was released from prison in 1972.

The reading's cast included: "Daniel Berrigan," Professor of History David Schalk; "Philip Berrigan," College Chaplain George Williamson, Jr.; "David Darst," Andy Sherman '74; "John Hogan," Visiting Professor of English Alan Charity; "Thomas Lewis," Rob Chender '74; "Thomas Melville," George Saunders '74; "Marjorie Melville," Karen Peterson '75, "George Mische," Tom Lingel '74; "Mary Moylan," Kathy Raub '73; "Defense," Assistant Professor of Economics David Novack; "Judge," Steve Peters '74; "Prosecution," Mike Davidson '72; "Witness," Cathy Paulo '73; "Readers," Nancy Griffin '72 and Jo Rosenberger '71.

Daniel Berriigan spoke at Vassar as "A Peacemaking Citizen in a Warmaking State" in October 1984.