Eve Cary, the first woman to serve as staff counsel to the New York Civil Liberties Union, lectured on "Women's Liberation and Civil Liberties." Cary entered the world of law and justice in 1967 when she worked with the NYCLU on the Police Practices Project, a ground-breaking sociological study of the New York Police Department. Cary was moved to become more involved in the legal system and attended the New York University School of Law, of which she was a student when she spoke at Vassar in 1970.

Cary went on to be a key litigator in the Supreme Court case Reed v. Reed (1971), which determined that discrimination against women violated the Constitution’s equal protection clause. She later returned to the NYCLU as the organization’s first female staff counsel. Cary also advocated for students’ and prisoners’ rights and worked as a professor at the Brooklyn Law School until her death in 2009.