Vassar students were among the 700 women from 22 Eastern colleges who participated in Coeducation Week at Yale.  Approved by the Yale administration under strong undergraduate pressure, the project was intended, according to Aviam Soifer ’69, the head of the student steering committee, to allow “the sexes to meet over coffee, over lunch or whatever, and just get accustomed to each other.”

“I just came to see what its like to go to school with men,” Vassar sophomore Jean Brenner ’70 explained as she prepared to move into the room vacated by Frank Knoblauch, one of over half the Yale undergraduates who volunteered to give up their rooms for the project.  “The idea,” Mr. Soifer explained, “is to take the male-female relationship out of the absurdly pressured situation of the weekend date.  A lot of the guys think of women simply as objects, or dumb broads, but they’re human beings, too.”

Yale President Kingman Brewster, Jr. cited the success of “Coeducation Week” on November 14th when announcing that the university would admit 500 women as freshmen the following September.     The New York Times