Vassar held a symposium, "Historians Look at Latin America Today," in honor of Latin American and foreign policy scholar Professor of History and Dean of the Faculty Charles C. Griffin, who was retiring after 34 years in Vassar’s history department.  The panelists included Robert Alexander, Rutgers University; Lewis Hanke, Columbia University; Frederick Pike, The University of Pennsylvania; Stanley Stein, Princeton University and Professor Griffin.  Professor Carl Degler, the symposium's moderator, said its purpose was "to honor Charles Griffin for the high position he has acheived in the field of Latin American studies, both in this country and south of the Rio Grande."  "On this occasion," Professor Degler continued, "Vassar will pay tribute to one of her most distinguished teachers and historians, as well as to the dean of the faculty."

In his retirement, Professor Griffin worked in Swift Hall under a grant from the Library of Congress, organizing the Library's Latin American section, and in the second term of 1967-68 he taught at Princeton.    The Miscellany News