The presentation of an art purchase fund bearing her name brought students, colleagues and friends from all parts of the country to Taylor Hall to salute art historian and founding director of the Vassar Art Gallery Agnes Rindge Claflin, who was retiring after 42 years at the college. Touring an exhibit in her honor, “Art since 1923”—including works by Picasso, Matisse, Albers, Lichtenstein and a “painting machine” by Jean Tinguely—Professor Claflin, who joined the faculty in 1923, told New York Times writer Grace Glueck “It shows you what a mixed epoch it’s been.”

“Modern art,” she continued, “is a very good way of finding out what the world looks like.  Artists are more important than most people.  The have a reach, a sensitivity.  They alert men’s imaginations 10 years ahead of events….  But concepts of art history have changed so much that I worry constantly about people going around with all those wrong things in their heads that they learned 25 years ago.”     The New York Times