Vassar held an Eighteenth Century Weekend that included exhibitions, lectures, concerts, panel discussion, and an 18th century dinner with costumed waitresses and music from the period.  Speakers included Peter Gay, history professor at Columbia University, who lectured on "The Recovery of Nerve: The social Matrix of the Enlightenment;" Marjorie Hope Nicolson, a member of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton and professor Emeritus of English at Columbia University, who spoke on "Changing Aesthetic Ideals in 18th Century England" and Jan LaRue, professor of Music at New York University spoke at Vassar on the "Emergence of Classicism in Music." A panel discussion on "Comparative Literature" included Professor Nicholson; Dutch-born professor of German at Cornell University Dr. O. J.  Matthijs Jolles and Professor of French language and literature Georges May, Dean of Yale College.