A four-day conference at Vassar discussed the problem of urban decay. The opening address at the "Conference on the City" was given by William H. Whyte, editor of Fortune Magazine, who spoke about "The Politics of Open Space." Robert Lopez, mediaeval studies professor at Yale University, discussed "The City as a Business Affair," and two student panels met to discuss "The Image of the City" and "Problems of Urbanization."
Professors from several colleges gathered in a colloquium on "The City in History.”  The round-table discussion included David Hicks of Columbia, John Teall of Mount Holyoke, Fred Crain and Hsi Huey Liang of Bard, and members of the Vassar Faculty, Leslie Koempel of the department of economics, sociology and anthropolgy, Charles Jacob of the political science department, Thomas McCormick of the art department and Elaine Bjorklund of the geography department.  Webb S. Fiser, associate professor of political science at Syracuse University, spoke about "Mastery of the Metropolis."
Urban activist Jane Jacobs, author of Death and Life of Great American Cities (1961) gave the closing lecture on "The Citizen and Urban Renewal."